Filter housings and FRP Tanks


We sell five filter housings sizes, namely:

2.5"x10" Standard (1/4" in/out)
2.5"x10" Standard (3/4" in/out)
2.5"x20" Standard (3/4" in/out)
4.5” x 10” Big Blue (3/4" in/out)
4.5"x20" Big Blue (3/4" in/out)

FRP tanks are available in the following sizes and can used with either a manual control valve or automatic valve:

2.5” piping connection

08"x24" (17L)
08"x44" (32L)
09"x48" (44L)
10"x35" (38L)
10"x54" (62L)
12"x52" (87L)
13"x54" (105L)
14"x65" 148L)

4” piping connection

14"x65" (148L)
16"x65" (194L)
18"x65" (260L)
21"x62" (344L)

FRP Control Valves

FRP control valves are available in manual and automatic. The automatic valve is also available with manual override.

Automatic valve Manual Valve