Filters and Filter Material

We sell three standard filter sediment types. All of them filter from 100 micron down to 1 micron filtration:

Melt blown
String Wound

Melt Blown Filters

The term 'Melt blown' means the filter has been manufactured using a computer controlled process where fibres are collected in a graded pore structure about a moulded core. Continuously extruded fine fibres form a highly porous high strength filter matrix with high dirt holding capacity, low flow resistance, and consistent filter performance.

String Wound Filters

As the name indicates, the filter consists of wounded string. The precise winding pattern defines micron ratings and results in higher dirt-holding capacity and efficiency. It is extremely effective with muddy water for example river and dam water.

Standard Pleated Filters

Pleated filters are washable and thus last longer.

Sub 1micron Filters

Sub 1 micron filters are available in 0.45 and 0.1 micon. They are all pleated filters.

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters is used for absorbing chlorine and organic molecules from water. Carbon filters are available as granular activated carbon (GAC) and carbon block (CB). The CB filters also acts as a 5 micron sediment filter. Carbon in loose form increase the surface area for better absorption. The carbon has been treated with oxygen to make it porous, but it has also been broken up into granules to further increase the surface area for chemical bondage to occur. The water passes through the carbon filter, allowing the organic materials and chlorine to effectively bond with the carbon molecules, thus removing these from the water.

GAC MBCarbon
Refillable Cartridges

Refillable cartridges can be used as housings for GAC, siliphos and anion exchange resins. The client can purchase the filter material in bulk and refill the cartridge when the materials are depleted.


DMI-65 is used to remove iron from water. It is available in 21kg bags and needs to be activated with sodium hypochlorite once. The lifetime of DMI-65 is between 7 and 10 years.

Glass Filter Medium

Glass filter medium is used to remove insoluble impurities down to 5 micron from water. It is available in 0.6 – 1.25 mm size and 1.6 – 3.15 mm. It is extremely durable and more effective that silica sand as a medium. It is available in 15kg bags.

Tannin Removal Resins

Tannin Removal Resins is used to remove tannins from water. It is available in 25l bags.

Anion exchange resins
Granular activated carbon

Granular activated carbon is available in bulk 08 x 30mesh size, Nut shell-based and is available in 25kg bags.

granular activated carbons